Why You Need to Have Your Chimney Swept by a Professional


A warm fireplace can be a charming experience, especially during the cold depths of winter time. This is when every family can sit in a room warmed by a real fireplace and enjoy a warm brew before going to bed. Of course, just as ones in the past, modern chimneys require regular cleaning.

Why Have Your Chimney Cleaned?

A warm fire can be a lovely experience for anyone, but taking responsibility for getting the chimney cleaned is really important. The good news is that chimney sweep services in Sevenoaks can take care of it because they have the experience to deal with modern flues and other appliances that use a chimney.

The following demonstrates why every fireplace owner needs the chimney cleaned regularly:

  • Inefficiency: Active fires produce soot and creosote as by-products. This sticks to the inside of the chimney and can cause it to narrow. If the chimney is not cleaned out, this build-up of creosote, tar, and soot can make the chimney less efficient and result in the fumes coming back into the room and causing health problems.
  • Safety: The other really big problem is that this build up can also catch alight, causing a fire in the chimney that can be very difficult to extinguish. When this occurs, everyone is at risk!

Call the Experts

Safety issues, inefficiency, and other problems are the result of a poorly maintained chimney. Always call a local chimney sweep to organise a thorough clean.