Why Slate Is a Superior Roofing Material


Regardless of the type of slate roof you choose, you will find that slate itself is a durable and dependable roofing material that will last for years and will stand up to a variety of weather extremes. That is why this roofing product is popular in the UK.

Types of Slate Roofing Products

You can choose from slate products such as the following:

  • Welsh slate
  • Canadian slate
  • Spanish slate
  • Composite slate

Comparing Slate with Other Roofing Materials

If you choose Welsh slate roofing in Sydney, you will not have to worry about having your home re-roofed. When you compare a Welsh slate roof to other roofs, it surpasses them in terms of performance and longevity. For example, a high-quality asphalt shingle roof normally lasts about 30 years whilst a metal roof can withstand the elements for about 40 years. Roofs made of concrete normally last about 50 years.

However, a Welsh slate roof tops them all by lasting as long as a century. After this time, about half of the roof can be repurposed for use. This type of roof simply cannot be outdone when it comes overall reliability.

An Energy-Efficient Roofing Material

Moreover, Welsh slate roofing is energy efficient. That is because the roof is dense. Because of its density, the roof can weigh in a range from 350 to 750 kilograms. This extra weight permits the roof to trap warmer air in the winter and prevent the escape of cooler air in the summer. In turn, you do not have to pay as much for heating or cooling your home.

In addition, natural Welsh slate is considered to be more durable than roofing materials that are manmade. Again, because it is dense as well as impermeable, a Welsh slate roof resists fire well. Neither is the product affected by mould or fungus. You can also add copper flashing to the roof, a product that lasts about 70 years.

A Virtually Maintenance-Free Roof

To maintain Welsh slate, you only need to have the roof inspected yearly. Have any broken tiles replaced and clean any stains or algae if they should appear. As noted, Spanish slate is another popular product.

This type of tile roof resists stains as well as fading. Whether you choose Welsh or Spanish slate, you will definitely increase your home’s resale value. Plus, slate is aesthetically pleasing, regardless of the type you use. Because the material is impregnable to water, issues such as roof leaks or frost damage are never a concern.

Canadian Slate

You may also be interested in Canadian slate. This type of slate is different because of its texture and colour. The blue-grey tiles are smooth and finely textured and appear to be polished, thereby making them a beautiful addition to just about any home.

Composite Slate

If you want to add slate roofing to your home but cannot afford the costs, you might also consider composite slate. This type of roof material replicates natural slate and is made of a blend of pressed cellulose and synthetic fibres. Portland cement is used to complete the mould, thereby ensuring a high-quality roofing material.