Why Should You Replace Your Glass Conservatory Roof with Tiles


Conservatories are a great addition to any property. They offer an extra room with fantastic natural lighting.

When choosing to build a conservatory, many homeowners select a glass or UPVC roof. While glass allows more sunlight into the room, it also lacks insulation. If the roof of your conservatory needs replacement, you should consider a tiled roof.

Common Issues with Glass Conservatory Roofs

A glass roof can cause your conservatory to become too cold during the winter. It does not have the insulation needed to keep heat from escaping, resulting in wasted energy and inefficient heating.

Your glass conservatory roof may also make your extension too hot during the summer. Reflecting the sunlight into the room can significantly increase the temperature on a sunny day.

Benefits of Switching to a Tiled Conservatory Roof

The best conservatories in Barnsley feature tiled roofs.

  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Improve noise insulation
  • Reduce glares from the sun
  • Improve heating and cooling
  • Tiles are available in many colours
  • Enjoy your conservatory year-round

Some homeowners may hesitate to replace their glass roof with a tiled roof out of fear of losing natural lighting. However, tiled roofs offer a surprising amount of natural light. You can even install roof lights to help illuminate your conservatory.

A tiled roof simply offers more benefits than a glass roof. If you want the most energy efficient roofing option for your conservatory, consider replacing your ageing glass roof with a tiled roof. Choose from a wide range of colours and tile options.