What Could Go Wrong with My Roof?


The short answer is, “Quite a lot”, yet there are ways of reducing the risk of an expensive roof repair, which is called preventative maintenance. This involves regular roof inspections that reveal any minor issues that can be repaired before they become serious. If you are new to home ownership, here are a few problems that can occur with your roof.

  1. Missing or Broken Roof Tiles – By far the most common issue, and if a few tiles get blown away and nothing is done, you can expect rainwater to penetrate your roof. Fortunately, there is affordable roof repair in Birmingham from an established company who can handle anything from a few missing tiles to a new build.
  2. Blocked or Damaged Guttering – Your guttering is likely to collect wet leaves and small twigs, which quickly lead to a blockage, and that will result in rainwater running down your exterior walls. This is a major cause of roof repairs, and it can be avoided with regular cleaning.
  3. Fascia & Soffit – These are usually made from timber and are in pace to protect the lower roof line, and should they become damaged, you are advised to replace both with UPVC sections, which not only brightens up the home, it is maintenance free.

The very worst would be a huge oak or elm dropping onto your roof, but the chances of that happening are indeed slim, and with regular roof inspections, you can rest assured that your home is well-protected and in good shape.