Water Is Dripping from My Roof: What Should I Do?


As a business owner, the last thing you need is a leak in your roof. Here are some things to do before the problem gets any worse.

Table of Contents

Containment Strategies

Firstly, before you get on the phone to a roofing expert, you must contain the leak. You must act quickly to ensure you don’t damage any belongings or expensive stock. If you take steps to minimise the damage, you’ll greatly reduce restoration costs. Gerrards Cross roofers recommend addressing the leak before you call for their services.

Here are some steps to help you control the leak before it gets out of hand.

  • Relocate Items – The moment you notice a leak in your roof, take steps to relocate anything that isn’t permanently fixed to the floor. Move wet fixtures and fittings and reposition stock to a safe area on the premises.
  • Cover Items – You won’t be able to move everything – some things will be too heavy, and others just immovable. Try to cover these items with plastic sheeting, if you don’t have any on your property, use black bin bags.
  • Catch the Water – Once you’ve moved everything you can and covered whatever needs covering, catch the water using towels, buckets and old newspaper.
  • Call a Professional – When the leak is under control, call a professional roofer to come and assess the damage. If you aren’t comfortable with DIY work, a roofer will do the job.

To ensure a leak doesn’t happen in the future, make annual roof care a part of your business maintenance schedule.