Sourcing the Best Fuel to Heat your Home


Good quality firewood is essential for many homes during the winter months to keep them warm and comfortable for their inhabitants.  The most well-treated and sourced logs create a non-smoky fire that will avoid crackling and spitting.

Types of Fuel

Before you purchase fuel for your fire at home, choose which material you would rather use:

  • Softwood– This type of wood lights quite easily and provides heat quickly; however it also burns out fairly quickly.
  • Hardwood logs– Unlike softwood, this wood lights and begins to heat-up slowly, but it stays lit for much longer.
  • Peat fuel– This is a clean, renewable fuel source which produces low atmospheric emissions. Many people also enjoy its smell.

Where to Buy

To find the highest-quality logs, firewood, and peat fuel in EX16, your supplier must first excellently and professionally look-after the extraction of these materials. Check that the equipment that they use is to a high-standard and that they work efficiently and follow all regulations.

The way that the company you work with stores their fuel is also important. Logs should be stored in the correct setting to retain some moisture, as well as being seasoned to prevent your fire becoming smoky.

It’s important to source your fire fuel from a business that is environmentally conscious. Check that they replant new trees for each one that they cut down. They may have their own area of woodland where they can grow and harvest materials, which is a much more environmentally-friendly solution.