Selecting the Right Colour Shingles for Your Home


A new roof can completely transform the look of your home but choosing the right colour shingles can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision.

Ask a Neighbour or Council Representative

If you’ve contacted local roofers in Dundee about working on your home, it is a good idea to speak to your neighbours or a council representative about the shingle colour code in your area. If you live in a complex or neighbourhood which has colour guidelines, you should find out the preferred scheme before you do any work. Restrictions on certain colours helps to ensure a uniform look in your neighbourhood.

Inspect Your Home

Before choosing a certain colour for your roof, take some time to inspect your home. You should be looking at shingles which will blend well with other already existing aspects of your property.

  • What colour is your siding?
  • What kind of windows do you have?
  • Do your current shingles match the colour of your home?
  • What colour can you choose that won’t require an overhaul of your current property design?

Visual Appeal

When selecting a colour for your shingles, you want something that stands out in a good way. There is no point in picking something flashy, just for its “wow” factor if it doesn’t integrate well with your existing exterior. Think about picking a colour that increases interest in your property.

If you are still unsure about shingles colour, you can always contact a professional roofer and ask form their experienced opinion.