Keep Your Chimney Chugging Along This Winter


There is nothing better in the fall and winter months then cuddling up with the ones you love and letting your feet warm up by the fire. In the UK, it is one of the best assets in a house to have a working fireplace to set the mood in a room. Listening to a crackling fire has an instant calming effect that is hard to live without once you’ve heard it.

Being the owner of a fireplace, though, means that you have to keep up with the chimney maintenance and care to keep it in the best shape.

How to Know When You Need to Clean Your Chimney

You can go a while without giving your chimney a full clean but there will begin to be some obvious signs that it needs a little bit of love and care. If you are noticing dense smoke when you are lighting your fires, that is a great indication that you need to call on some Hampshire chimney sweeps. It also is just a great thing to check out if it’s been a while since you’ve had it cleaned.

Safety with your fireplace begins with keeping it clean and in perfect working condition.

What to Ask for When Getting Your Chimney Cleaned

There are a lot of special ways that chimney sweeps will clean out a chimney to get it back to its prime condition. Some of the most common methods that you can ask for are:

  • Fireplace sweep
  • Furnace flue sweep
  • Chimney repair and rebuilds
  • Installation of bird guards

There are a lot of different parts to a chimney and it is crucial that they are all working at their best to ensure the safety of your family. You also want to ensure the best ventilation so you know that all of that dust and smoke isn’t getting trapped in your home.

A chimney is the perfect home accessory but is even better with the proper care and caution.