How to Choose Between Window Replacement and Window Repair


When you feel a draft coming from a window, it is time to consider window replacement or repair. Both options have their advantages, depending on the condition of the window and the frame.

Assess the Condition of the Window

Before choosing to replace a window, you should determine if repair is a suitable choice. Consider the location of the damage or wear:

  • The glass
  • The panel or sash
  • The frame
  • The jamb

The glass glazing is the easiest window part to replace. If there is minimal damage to the rest of the parts, you should consider window repair. The same is true for the sash. These panels are easily replaced, which makes repair more cost-effective.

If the window frame or jamb is severely damaged, you will likely need window replacement. With the help of the best windows company in Warrington, you can allow experts to assess your windows. They can help determine if window repair is a possibility.

Choose Between Cost and Renovation

Window repair is often less expensive than window replacement. Even if repair is possible, you may still want to consider the benefits of window replacement.

Renovating your home with the installation of new windows may help lower energy costs. Window replacement also allows you to transform the exterior of your property with a new style of windows.

Before deciding between window replacement and repair, speak to a professional. A window installation company can help assess the condition of your windows and provide suggestions for repair or replacement.