How to Choose a Top Removalists in NSW


Anyone who has tried moving house themselves can tell you that the task was a whole lot bigger, more complicated and time consuming than they had imagined. Often what happened at the receiving end turned into a nightmare, as things got dumped out of the truck and chaos ensued as nobody knew where anything was, or was supposed to go? Something that looked quite simple became horrific, which they never want to go through again. But how did something that looked so simple on paper go so wrong and how do the removalists make it look easy?

Good Organisation and Labelling

Professional removalists do it every day, so they have developed a way of working, which makes the whole process, almost an art form. The amateur tends to grab all of the big things and load them up, without too much thought on the best order for them to be off loaded at the other end. Putting the sofa and the dining set in the new house first makes no sense, when everything else now has to be manoeuvred past them. The best removalists in Sydney take this into account when loading, to ensure a logical filling of the new house, in the order it comes back off again. Professional boxing and labelling systems, mean that you can identify exactly what every box contains, rather than having to open every single one, looking for something that seems determined to remain hidden.

Reliability and Resources

While the removalists industry is quite competitive, it may be tempting to take on a bloke with a van and a helper, who assure you they can do the job and by doing so, you just might be able to save a few dollars. This is a big risk, especially if you have a tight schedule. If you need to vacate on a particular day, as someone else is looking to move in, ask yourself what is going to happen if the guy or his Oppo are sick, or the van breaks down or has an accident? What you need is a good sized firm with a variety of vehicles and staff at its disposal. Not only do you get the right sized truck to move it all in one go, but the reassurance of a fleet that does away with potential dramas.

Customer Care and Individual Service

The first thing you should hear when you call, is a warm, friendly voice from someone who is ready to listen to your requirements, and be ready to do whatever is needed to deal with them. If a frim isn’t ready to take special measures to look after your fragiles and breakables, are they really the firm you want transporting your really expensive items?

Assurance, Insurance and Service Quality

Make sure your bill is in writing before you agree, with any added extras included. All good removalists carry insurance, so be sure to ask to see it, to ensure it is current and your belongings are covered. Lastly, ask to see recent Customer Testimonials. Proud companies may well have them visible in their office for you to see. Choose your removalists correctly and the only thing to worry about is life in your new home.