How Is the Health of Your Roof


Every roof becomes damaged over time due to the weather. The wind, rain, sun, and snow can certainly take a toll and this is when cracks and holes can appear in even the toughest of roofs and let the rain inside. The question is: do you know what signs to look for so that you can get in touch with an expert roofer?

Knowing When to Call in an Expert

It’s definitely not uncommon for a roof to sustain damage. In fact, inevitably every roof will need running repairs and even possible replacement. So, what signs should you look for so that you know when to call the best roofing services in Clitheroe? Consider the following:

  • Water damage: When rainwater gets into the roof through cracks and holes, it can cause damage to insulation, wooden battens, and electrical wiring. It also pools on the ceiling and causes dark circles to appear on the underside. If you see any black mould or water damage on your ceiling, you have a potentially serious roof leak.
  • Drips: Did you hear drips on your ceiling during the last storm? When rainwater enters the roof space, it will often cause a dripping noise. If you hear this, you may have more than one leak. It’s time to call a local roofer to come out and have a look.

Don’t Wait to Call

The problem is that waiting to call an expert can lead to even more damage. This can get expensive. If you notice any signs of a leaky roof, call a local roofing company as soon as possible.