Creating An Indoor Greenhouse For Your Plants


As winter comes calling, low temperatures and inhospitable weather conditions such as frost, snow or hail are likely to wreak havoc on your precious plants if allowed to remain outdoors. You could of course construct an outdoor green house for your plants. However this could be expensive and/or impractical, especially if outdoor space is limited.

The good news is that you could easily create a greenhouse space inside the home or on the patio, balcony or any sunny room of the home. Your plants will remain protected from the harsher temperatures, wind and frost.  The same climate controlled interiors with the help of heating and cooling Chicago companies that keep you comfortable, could be perfect for your plants as well.

You could grow some of your own herbs and veggies in your indoor greenhouses or you could simply enjoy brightly colored flowers or the serene beauty of green plants on a bleak winter day. Here are some ideas to help you get started on an indoor greenhouse for your plants.

Planters and Plant Stands

Depending upon the type of plants you have, you may not need to create a greenhouse space for your plants. The warmer indoor temperatures and controlled humidity levels as well as optimized ventilation could work very well for your plants. Plant stands in low pedestal form or a higher table type of plant stand could work. Additionally, plant stands in the form of shelves with ascending and descending heights may work well too.

However the placement of these plant stands in the home may be crucially important if your plants are not shade friendly. Visit at interiordecoratorcourse to ensure that the plants are placed close to a window or other aperture that gets significant amount of natural light each day. A simple shelf-like plant stand could be placed close to a window or a glass wall so that it gets regular sunlight and also looks pretty, rather like a little window garden. In the alternative you may have to move your plants out of doors on milder, sunny days to ensure that they get sufficient sunlight.

DIY Indoor Greenhouses

You could easily find  at some of these indoor greenhouses on Amazon or IKEA. Some of these indoor greenhouses are shaped rather like a box that opens up at the top. Made from polyester powder coated steel frames and see thru polystyrene, these greenhouses ensure that your plants get plenty of light and provide a nurturing environment for seeds to sprout and plants to grow.

A multi-tiered green house with a plastic cover is another simple device that could work for your plants – helping absorb light and heat during the day and retaining it for the rest of the day, even if you turn down the heating for that area of the house for a time. These little compact greenhouses have zippers up the length of the front of the plastic case that can be rolled up or down as required. They can work really well for patios, decks or balconies. They can work very well for seed propagation and growth and they look great too. Visit at   for more detailed information.