Common Laundry Mistakes That Could Damage Your Machine


A washing machine is an essential appliance in your home, we can’t do without them. If you don’t want to damage your machine, avoid doing the things listed below.

Hooks & Underwires

Bras can cause all sorts of problems with your washing machine, hooks and underwires can damage the drum and stop your machine from working.

To avoid any issues, purchase a specially designed mesh bag to store your brasseries. You can also use an old pillow case or opt to hand wash these items. If you think you’ve damaged your drum and you need trusted washing machine repair services in Darlington, get in touch with a professional today.


Loose metal objects such as coins can endanger your washing machine, they are small, solid items that can find their way into the wrong areas of your machine. To ensure coins don’t break your machine, check all your pockets and don’t forget to remove loose coins.

Overdose on Detergent

Putting too much detergent in your washing machine won’t get your laundry any cleaner, it will cause soap residue to build up and potentially damage your machine.

Additional Mistakes

  • Overloading – Don’t stuff clothes into your machine, it can damage important components.
  • Zips – Make sure they are fully up to avoid getting caught in the drum.
  • Wet clothes – If left in your washer, mould can start to accumulate.
  • Uneven base – An uneven machine vibrates causing damage to key components.

It is important to keep your washing machine in excellent working order by calling a repair expert the moment something goes wrong.