Bedroom Design Ideas to Inspire


If you are planning a bedroom revamp anytime soon, there is much to consider; the scope of the project, for example, which would be anything from a fresh coat of paint to starting again from scratch. A good interior designer would always tell you to make the best of what you have, and if that carpet is fine, then a deep clean would be sufficient. You might, on the other hand, wish to re-theme the room, and with local bedroom designers in Somerton, anything is possible. Once they know your budget, they can make some suggestions and eventually, you will have a workable plan, and with that in mind, here are some ideas to consider.

  • Futuristic – Seamless stainless steel, with a smoked glass walk-in wardrobe, and floor level bed would really be something. Soft LED lighting and vertical blinds make the ambience a warm and inviting one.
  • Antique– Why not go for a sumptuous four poster and some Edwardian furniture? Add a few lamps and a thick Persian rug and you have a timeless style. Think of the furniture as an investment, and one that also allows you to enjoy finely crafted items, and if you buy wisely, it won’t cost the earth to have an antique bedroom.
  • Country– Pine is the way to go with this theme, and bespoke pine wardrobes and chest of drawers. Carpet or a hardwood floor would work well, and a chunky timber bed with matching side cupboards, and you have a rural look that is relaxing.

If you express your ideas to a bedroom designer, they can help to bring your vision to produce the best layout, and with a firm budget in mind, you can be aware of all your options, before making an informed decision.