Avoid Costly Repairs with Plumbing Maintenance


Plumbing is a part of your home that is used daily. It can also be the cause of some costly repairs. Drains that back up and pipes that burst can cause thousands of dollars in flood damage. Most people call the plumber when leaks or clogs persist for long periods of time. Procrastination in this manner can lead to significant damage to the interior plumbing system and even your walls. When you call a plumber out for small maintenance issues, you can easily avoid larger problems. There are a few common issues that home owners tend to overlook.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are often considered a minor inconvenience. Many people choose a drain cleaning chemical from their local store to solve the problem instead of seeking professional plumbing services. These can cause severe damage to the pipes over time. The problem is rarely solved completely. It is a temporary fix at best. The pressure from continuous clogs can also strain the pipes, eventually resulting in cracks and leaks. Instead of ignoring a drain that becomes clogged regularly, call Lewes plumbers to initiate these tasks.

  • Investigate the lines for large objects.
  • Snake the drain to clear it completely.
  • Install proper traps, instead of drains with open spaces. These can easily catch small children’s toys and excess hair in the shower.


Drips are a sign that the original equipment on the home is wearing down. Some home owners choose to do a quick switch of the faucet handle and forget about the issue. Others leave it until the drip becomes a full water flow. Cost is usually the first reason that a plumber is never called. Even a small drip, however, can add hundreds of dollars to the water bill each year. If the faucet has worn out, the pipes need to be checked for signs of aging. A small leak in the wall can weaken the structure of your home and produce dangerous mould. A plumber can remedy a drip and check your interior pipes at the same time.

Plumbing that has worn out or become damaged can cause compromise the integrity of your home. It can also lead to expensive complications. Simple signs such as clogs and leaks often indicate a bigger problem. Toys and hair can become clogged deep in the drain, causing pressure on the pipes. Drips can be a sign of an aging plumbing system. Call in the professionals to receive proper home maintenance.